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Memorial Wall for

Homicide Victims

In Memory of Dominic Winder and all victims to Violence in Baltimore City

On Wednesday, October 2, 2002, my life forever changed. I had received the most devastating call. I had been told that my husband was being rushed to Shock Trauma after being stabbed. From October 2, 2002 until the day he took his last breath on September 17, 2003 - my life had been turned upside down BUT GOD saw fit for me to not only come out of a deep depression but to also help those going through the same hurt and pain. In 2008, I started an organization for youth in Baltimore City in the honor of my husband. I have since revived it making RTV a household name and a resource not only to the youth but to the families as a whole. Losing a loved one affects us all! As a healing process, it's important to recognize our loss. Gone but never ever forgotten... let's continue to remember our loved ones. Be blessed!


~Angie Winder (Founder of RTV Project)

Homicide Victims Memorial Wall

Coming Soon

Donations made will be used to continue to assist families in Baltimore City. Thank you in advance for your contribution!

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