The RTV Project Show
Your Host, Angie Smith
RTV Show Debut: 7/18/17
RTV Show Host & Radio on Fire Producer
#1: Building Unity
Guest: Student Minister Carlos Muhammad at the NOI, Muhammad Mosque #6
(Tuesday, 7/18/17)
#2: Community Engagement
Guests: Baltimore Ceasefire (Jakia) & No Shoot Zone (Prince Kymani & Yadat Blacc)
(Tuesday, 7/25/17)
#3: Community Spotlight
Guest: Nivek Biggs, Founder of Team WE and Chatara Mines, Parent
(Tuesday, 8/1/17)
#4: Business Spotlight
Guests: Joni Holifield (HeartSmiles) and Ajah Doswell (KEYS Development)
(Tuesday, 8/8/17)
#5: Youth Spotlight
Guests: Amaya Murillo, Artist and Dorian Walker (Drone Pilot)
(Tuesday, 8/15/17)
#6: Black-owned Businesse
Guests Michelle Duberry (Show Your Luv) and Jamaal Bethea (Entrepreneur)
(Tuesday, 8/22/17)
#7: Mental Health Segment
Guest Co-Host: Kyle Berkley (RTV Project & The 4 Us Initiative)
(Tuesday, 09/06/17)
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